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Do I need to buy a crib, car seat for the baby?

Cooperating with us you get care and comfort from the moment of registration of all documents, the birth itself and until your departure home! For many families there is a question of finding baby things. Buying a baby bathtub, changing table, rocking chair for a couple of months before returning home is very expensive.Cooperating with us, you do not need to catch your head where to buy a bathtub, or [...].

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Recommendations for the return flight

Studies by pediatric neonatologists suggest that a healthy baby can easily adapt to a decrease in atmospheric pressure without health risks, so a newborn baby can fly on an airplane from the first days of life. However, many airlines set a minimum age for transportation of newborn babies in an airplane, as a rule the baby must be at least a week (7 days) old. Some do not allow flying with

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Pregnancy classes

Pilates for Pregnancy Thebellemethod The Bump Prenatal Training Method is a safe and effective program designed to support women in achieving a healthy pregnancy. We combine Pilates, low impact dance, gentle stretching and deep muscle activation. Benefits of the program: Easier delivery and shorter recovery, postpartum period Helps prevent diastasis recti (abdominal separation) Working with the

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Shopping in Toronto

Keep this in mind - in Canada, prices are always listed without VAT, which is then calculated at the cash register, in Ontario it is 13%. So don't be surprised if the price at the checkout is not the same as the original price tag. Price tags almost never show the amount of tax or the price with tax together - just the net price. The full price of the goods

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Toronto Restaurants and Cafes

Toronto is a real godsend for gastronomic tourism devotees. We present to your attention the most worthy and interesting options Scaramouche Restaurant Haute cuisine restaurant, Travellers' Choice 2017 Luxury restaurant, with a beautiful elegant interior, a gorgeous view from large windows and impeccable cuisine. The food here is exquisite French cuisine. Try their famous coconut cake (sometimes you have to order it in advance). It's the kind of cake

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