Childbirth cost in Canada

Economy packageOptimal packageComfort package
The minimum set of services necessary for youThe best combination of cost and quality of servicesFor those who value comfort, quality and concierge service
Preparation of all necessary documents and obtaining a visa to Canada++
Advice and preparation for your arrival in Canada+++
Selection of housing for rent by a licensed realtor, assistance in signing a contract and settlement++
Airport Transfer Organization++
Assistance in choosing a car for rent and paperwork+
Hospital selection (1 day included)+++
Assistance in choosing a doctor and hospital (doctors who work directly with Canada Mama Consulting)+++
Selection of a company for domestic staff (on request)+
Transfer and full guided tour of the hospitals+
Registration for a pediatrician+++
Transfer and presence of a translator for all visits to the obstetrician-gynecologist++
Driver for an emergency trip to the hospital for childbirth (any time of the day)++
Childbirth in a 2-bed ward in the presence of a medical translator (from the moment of admission to the hospital and 2 hours after delivery)+++
Childbirth in the VIP chamber in the presence of a medical translator (from the moment of admission to the hospital until discharge)+
Childbirth through cesarean
Anesthesia (epidural for natural birth and spinal for cesarean section)++
Examination and care of the baby, analyzes in the hospital+
Providing a personal assistant-interpreter - 10 hours for the entire period++
Providing a personal assistant-translator - 20 hours for the entire period+
Personal assistance during shopping for your newborn+
Full concierge service: shopping advice for the whole family, travel arrangements in Canada, booking and buying tickets for excursions, etc.+
Registration of the Canadian certificate and passport for the child. Help with paperwork in the current country of residence of parents+++
Registration of the second citizenship (Russia, Ukraine)++
* The selection of housing is carried out before leaving for Canada, for several months. The earlier a contract is signed with the company, the more time we have to select housing.
* We will be happy to hear and fulfill your additional wishes. Individual services for you and the baby that are not included in the package of offers are booked and paid in advance.

Additional expenses

Name of serviceCost *
Childbirth through cesarean$1500-2000
Epidural anesthesia$800
Surgeon assistant$600-650
Pediatrician at the hospital$200-300
Pediatrician in a children's clinic$30-40
Hospital circumcisions$200
Extra day at the hospital$3000-4000
Visit to the hospital for monitoring$400-500
Visit to the clinic$60-80
Initial consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist$200-400
Medical translator$40/hour
Accommodation in a 2-room apartmentfrom $1600
Car rent$600-800/month
Services of medical personnel for a child in a hospital, tests, screening$1300
* The waiting time for a doctor is the translator’s working time. Please draw your attention to the fact that the prices indicated in the price list do not include 13% VAT.
* Payment for medical and services is possible by bank transfer, credit card or cash.
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