Opening an account in Canada

Opening a bank account in Canada
If you're planning to fly to Canada, you've probably already got a lot on your plate, from applying for a visa, finding accommodation, packing your suitcases, and the many little things that need to be taken care of.
One such item would be to open a bank account in Canada.Fortunately, this procedure will be quite easy.
What documents will be needed?
If you are not a Canadian citizen, you will need the following documents to open a bank account:
your valid passport;
a credit card in your name; a driver's license.
By contacting Canada Mama Consulting you will open a bank account in Canada without any hassle and difficulties

We recommend 2 banks TD bank and CIBC bank, you can open an account in them.

Ask the coordinator about the geolocation of your nearest bank. 

Currency exchange

The best place to change money is not in a bank, but in money changers. Such as:
Carlforex or Money exchange. Ask the coordinator for the nearest exchange. 

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