Doula in Canada


Any expecting mother experiences an extraordinarily unique mental, physical and emotional state. At this time, she most in need of care and support. If all the material costs are take of by the husband and parents, the medical care is provided by the hospital staff, then the doula becomes a true friend whose role is to provide constant support, attention and comfort. For most countries of the former Soviet Union, this is a completely new type of service, whereas in the US and Canada has always been a norm and even a necessity.

What does a doula do?

This is a person who will constantly take care of you and provide complete non-medical support. She can give you a massage, help with everyday tasks such as getting dressed or tying shoelaces, call a doctor, or any other task to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

It has been scientifically proven that a positive environment and attitude are the main components of a successful recovery from a surgery or treatment. The presence of a doula with years of experience in childbirth will help minimizes the likelihood of postpartum depression, psychosis, and any other complications. A doula will guarantee you peace and comfort on this exciting new journey.

The reason you should hire doula in Canada from us?

  • Extensive experience in organizational matters and selection of accompanying personnel gives us an advantage over other firms.
  • Our partners include only the best professionals who know and love their work.
  • In touch 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • We always take into account the individual needs of the client and provide her with absolute convenience.
  • We guarantee a high level of service.

Canada Mama Consulting offers the services of professional assistants in childbirth who have undergone qualified training and rigorous selection. Our doulas never ask unnecessary questions, impose their opinion, nor do they judge or criticise a woman in labour. They understand your thought before you finish your sentence and most importantly, a doula always treats every customer with respect and kindness.

Our doulas provide you with the the utmost care and support, with personal charisma and a friendly attitude that will make you feel like home.

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