Childbirth in Canada

Childbirth in Canada

All the answers to popular questions about the organization of childbirth in Canada, followed by citizenship and other benefits.

The birth of a child is probably the most important event in the life of every family. That is why many parents prefer not to save on the baby's health and plan to give birth abroad. Often, the choice always falls on Canada, why? Delivery in Canada is a choice of the safest option for baby and future mother.

Childbirth with Canada Mama Consulting means attention, reverent preparation for childbirth and mommy's recovery after it, as well as a great responsibility to you.

Canadian childbirth and an example of a hospital room

Benefits of childbirth in Canada:

  • Highly qualified health workers;
  • Premium medical centres with the most professional service;
  • Pleasant patrimonial and postanal rooms with modern equipment;
  • The unique geographical location with three oceans: Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic creates a very fruitful climate with blooming spring, mild summer, gorgeous autumn, and long, but warm winter;
  • Cosy atmosphere and environment regardless of the time of year;
  • And most importantly, the child will receive Canadian citizenship, which later will open free medical care, education, work, and the opportunity to travel in many countries of the world without a visa as your baby can officially live in this country.

Baby in the U.S. or Canada: Which is better?

Canadian childbirth interests probably almost as many people as childbirth in the United States - in fact, it is often the same people. After all, the reason for going to give birth in these countries is quite simple and is not a secret to anyone - it is a high level of medicine and services for mother and child.

Since recently, the U.S. has been banning maternity tourism. The border guards have the full right to deny entry even to people who have received visas. So giving birth in the U.S. is now very problematic. In Canada there is no problem with this, as before by right of soil, a child born in Canada receives a passport of this country and many privileges. In contrast to the U.S. is much faster to get citizenship and the parents of the child - only 3 years.

The United States has a more gentle climate than Canada, where you rarely encounter big snowdrifts and wind. Despite this, for the fourth year in a row, Canada ranked first in quality of life, political stability, labor market, safety, and a good education system.

Citizens of both countries can travel to many countries of the world without a visa.

If you still have doubts about which country to choose for having a baby, you can read more about the differences between the U.S. and Canada in this article.

Childbirth cost in Canada

Canada's health care system is one of the many things that residents of this country are especially proud of. Residents enjoy high-quality health care services that are free to all public insurance holders.

For tourists and non-residents, there will be a fee for having a baby in Canada. For example, a natural birth in a hospital could cost $5000-$8000, and a C-section would cost $10,000-$12,000.

In the US, the price will depend on the selected state. So, in New York or Los Angeles, the cost of childbirth will be at least $20,000, in Miami - $7,000-$10,000. If we consider the cost of a turnkey delivery in the US and Canada, then the average will be about $20,000.

The cost of our packages, as well as a comparison and additional costs, you can see in the section pricing.

What is included in the organization of the birth and why you should go to the experts?

Arriving to give birth in Canada, you will feel calm. You will definitely be met at the airport, provided with a transfer to the apartment, will help with things and household issues. You will not have to worry about finding accommodation, a car and other important aspects of your stay in the country.

Each package includes the services of a midwife, all visits to the doctor, the birth in the presence of a medical interpreter and the postpartum visit. After the birth, you will stay in your room for another 24 hours under medical supervision.

If you have any questions, you can always call us at any time of the day or night. And after your baby is born, we will promptly solve all the legal issues with the documents: we will prepare the child's birth certificate, registration of Canadian citizenship and current country of residence.

How is childbirth going in Canada?

Before the birth, a specialist from our company will give you a full tour of the hospital you have chosen. Therefore, on day "x" you will already be familiar with the environment and you can relax in a comfortable separate room with absolutely everything (toilet, shower, TV, folding chair, fitness balls, laughing gas and even a Jacuzzi). This is a labor room, where a woman stays until the birth itself. We partner with the best hospitals.

After your baby is born, you will be transferred to the postpartum ward. All this time a member of our staff is there to help you whenever you need it. The hospital provides 3 meals a day, with a variety of menus to suit all tastes. Discharge is carried out 1 day after delivery.

All women who give birth with Canada Mama Consulting have only the most anxious and wonderful memories of the birth, as evidenced by the positive feedback from our customers.

Feedback from our client from Ukraine - Elena
Lena and her husband flew to give birth to us from the city of Kremenchug and said that this was not the last time! The Canada Mama Consulting team will do everything and even more to make our mothers happy, feel cared for and safe, even in an unfamiliar country! You can watch more information and videos on our YouTube channel and social networks.
More information and videos you can watch on our YouTube channel, and social networks

Let's look at the stages of working with us

  1. We conclude the contract, prepare for departure (tell you what you need in Canada, and what you do not need to take);
  2. We get visas, select and book accommodation, execute documents;
  3. We meet you at the airport (take you to the house, show you where the stores, transport, banks);
  4. We will give you a tour of the chosen hospital, choose a doctor who will deliver you, put you on the list of pediatricians (take you to the ultrasound, blood tests, tests);
  5. We organize courses and classes for pregnant women, as well as photo shoots, video shoots, excursions;
  6. Accompany you at the birth, solve all problems with the doctors (the language barrier is not a problem-solve it);
  7. Organize the discharge from the maternity hospital, solve all the issues with the documents for the discharge and bills. We get the birth certificate;
  8. If necessary, we organize the selection of house staff, nanny, personal driver;
  9. We apply for a Canadian passport (second citizenship for a child);
  10. Seeing you off. We will organize the departure, take you to the airport! With Canada Mama Consulting you will have an unforgettable adventure and a sea of positive emotions of giving birth in Canada!

What is the best time to come to Canada?

It takes about 11 hours to fly to Canada by direct flight from Moscow. During the period of our work, the girls flew in at all different times.

It is possible: 24-25 weeks - fly in, settle down, take a walk, travel.
Optimal: 30-34 weeks of pregnancy.
Risky: at 35-37 weeks' pregnancy, it is possible to give birth the day before departure.

If you decide to give birth in Canada on your own and what difficulties you are sure to encounter

Nerves, misunderstanding of the rules of another country, a huge amount in the hospital bill, lengthy paperwork, problems with renting accommodation, self-organization of leisure on the Internet reviews - just a small part of everything that can await an inexperienced baby-tourist.

You can list every aspect in detail, but you can't argue with the fact that it's much more pleasant to trust people who not only have extensive experience in organizing births, but have lived in Canada for many years. You can be sure that you will get care, help 24 hours a day.

It is important to us that worries do not distract parents from the most important thing in this stage of life. Our goal is to make sure that the young mother and child are surrounded by the atmosphere of home comfort.

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