Shopping in Toronto

Keep this in mind - in Canada, prices are always listed without VAT, which is then calculated at the cash register, in Ontario it is 13%. So don't be surprised if the price at the cash register doesn't match the original price tag.

The price tags almost never show either the amount of tax or the price with tax together - only the net price. The main reason for this peculiarity, of course, is that taxes vary greatly from province to province ◦ Many products, such as most fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products are not taxed.


Toronto has a lot to surprise, delight and delight. There are many such places in the city, and one of them is Yorkville-Bloor. This is the most expensive neighborhood in Canada in terms of living. Among other things, Yorkville-Bloor is on the list of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. This attraction is located in Toronto. This street attracts an abundance of luxury restaurants, a myriad of boutiques, fashionable hotels and other entertainment. In Yorkville on one street you can find such brands as Prada, Gucci, Swarovski, Tiffany, etc. True connoisseurs of luxurious vacations also come here, as the best spas in the country are located here. The Holt Renfrew store on Bloor is the flagship and largest luxury store with four floors and boutiques. It is also home to many flagships of other companies such as Harry Rosen, Town Shoes, Lacoste, Gucci, Coach and Chanel (in which the Canadian flagship has become one of the largest in the world.

Bloor Street and Yonge Street 


Toronto's China Town is not only interesting as a shopping experience, but also as a cultural experience. A visit to China Town is sure to be an exciting experience for you. The Chinese culture is concentrated here, which is also expressed in handicrafts, Chinese herbs, tea, amazing Chinese food, colorful shows and festivals for all visitors. Dine on authentic Chinese cuisine in authentic restaurants and have a great Chinese style shopping experience)

Toronto Eaton Centre Shopping Center

 It is one of the three largest shopping malls in the country, and the selection of goods here is unspeakably large. The grandiose shopping complex has such a large area that its size can be compared to several residential neighborhoods. Toronto Eaton Centre is one of the few shopping centers in the world that can boast such a large scale. The complex includes hundreds of boutiques and an array of restaurants. Shopaholics will always have something to do at the Toronto Eaton Centre.

This fifteen-storey building really "breaks out" from the general architectural panorama of Yonge Street. The interior design of the shopping center is no less amazing. A huge number of sculptures depicting animals, a glass roof, high ceilings, a large fountain, a flock of ducks, as if flying over the heads of customers - all this leads to delight and confirms the love of Canadians for everything grandiose. When planning a visit to the Toronto Eaton Centre, be careful, this is the place where your sense of time disappears and your wallet is emptied. It's almost impossible to leave this building without making a purchase.

220 Yonge Street Toronto

+1 416 598-8560

Vaughan Mills

Vaughn Mills - Regional mall, located in Vaughn , Ontario . This is one of the of the largest indoor malls in Canada and the largest shopping center in the area York with about 1.3 million square feet (110,000 m²) of retail space. The complex has more than 200 stores, restaurants and entertainment venues

1 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Concord, ON

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

The Yorkdale Shopping Centre is a large retail mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located a few kilometers northwest of downtown Toronto at the intersection of Highway 401 and Allen Road, next to the Yorkdale subway station. This mall is another world of shopping, with its 270 stores and restaurants! There's a wide variety of brands, from Apple and Tesla to Bulgari and Burberry. Yorkdale is the center of style in Toronto.

3401 Dufferin St, North York, ON

St. Lawrence Market

The oldest market in the city is St. George's Market, which is the oldest in the city. Lawrence MarketIt occupies the territory of a large-scale neighborhood. It is home to attractive stores and restaurants in beautiful historic buildings, and remains one of the area's favorite tourist destinations. Toronto's St. Lawrence Grand Food Market was named the 2012 World's Best Food Market. 
This is one of the largest markets in the city, housed in two large buildings, the north and south. You can buy the freshest produce at this market, and many farmers come here to sell their goods. It's also the kind of place where you'll be known by name. The vendors here are regular, and you can and should bargain. 
One of the unusual services offered here is the hire of a chef who can walk through the market with you, create a menu, pick out the produce, make recommendations on how to prepare it, or even cook it.
It's a pleasure to visit the market, because in addition to buying delicious products, you can have great fun, because it is
musicians like to gather here, various street festivals are held here, there is always a place to eat:)

95 Market Street, St. Lawrence Market South, Financial District.

Yummy Market

Yummy Market is Toronto's largest Eastern European supermarket. Miss Russian products? This is the place for you!

 Eastern European food is famous for its meat, pickles, pastries, candies and dairy products. This place is famous for its local organic products and goods imported from Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. Right here there is a bakery that bakes very tasty pastries, breads, French loaves, pies with a variety of sweet and savory fillings. Here you will also be tempted to buy unusually colorful sweets, Russian sweets, tea or the freshest cheese for the table, mozzarella is very good here! In Yummy Market you can buy homemade cottage cheese, as well as herring under a fur coat, forshmak, French-style meat, olivier and not only)))) With the assortment from Yummy Market you can safely set a Russian New Year's table)))))) You will hardly notice the difference).

The store is open daily, from 9.00 to 21.00

4400 Dufferin Street
North York , +1 (416) 665-0040


Walmart Corporation is the largest retailer in the world.

Walmart's flagship online hypermarket will be very interesting for future moms and dads and children Buy here you can buy anything you want, and you can easily pay for the goods. Assortment, description and ordering

* Clothes, shoes, accessories for all tastes for all ages. Budget brands.

* Electronics and appliances for home and office, including Apple.

* Products for children of all ages and teens.

* Everything for the home, renovation.

* Household chemicals. Beauty and Health.

* Food.

* Much more.

Goods are sold here from all over the world and one of the main suppliers is, of course, China. Quite a lot of goods are made in the USA. They are marked with a special icon. All these are collected in the "made in America" section.

Discounts and promotions

At, as in any self-respecting online store there is obligatory "offer of the day". You will find it Value of the day. It offers goods with significant discounts.


* Mastercard bank cards. * Paypal payment system (the fastest and easiest way).

Summary. Definitely a very interesting online store with honest low prices. Especially on Black Friday and Christmas Day you should definitely visit it. It is impossible to buy expensive here by definition. Fans of luxury brands will be disappointed, there are none at Walmart.


Toys r us is the "Kids World" in North America, it is a leading retail store for children's toys, various accessories, and baby products. Various promotions and discounts, bonus system, events for kids make this store one of the most interesting and attractive for both kids and parents. A huge network of Toys r Us around the world is one of the leaders in the presented range of products and sale of children's accessories.

Buybuy BABY

Buybuy BABY Shop is a great store with a fantastically large range of baby supplies including strollers, car seats, baby furniture, cribs, bags, kangaroos, baby gift sets, toys, clothes and more. Free shipping from 49$. All items can be ordered online.

RioCan Colossus Centre

Woodbridge, ON

+1905 264 96 82


The world's largest democratic chain of casual basic clothing stores. In addition to clothing and accessories for men and women, the range includes the children's lines GapKids and babyGap, GapMaternity for maternity, GapBody underwear and homewear, and the sports label GapFit. Free shipping from 50$


H&M concept - fashionable and quality clothes at the best price with care for nature and man. The children's clothing store in the international chain H & M offers a wide range of children's clothing at the best price.

Baby Land

Baby Land is a leading retailer of baby furniture, strollers, toys, diapers, baby bedding, gifts and GTA car seats.

Baby land offers a full range of services for delivery, installation and assembly of furniture, also in the store there are consultants on breastfeeding, care, sleep and health of the baby.

Baby Land's mission is to provide families with first-class service, the highest quality merchandise and exceptional product knowledge.

The store is open from 10am to 6pm and there is also an online store

Great online store with a huge selection of products for every taste and wallet.

Shopping enthusiasts should take into account that it is necessary to keep all receipts when making purchases. After returning to their home country, tourists have the opportunity to refund the commission fee of 8%, which is levied on all types of goods.

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