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Prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care with «Canada Mama Consulting»

Canada Mama has you covered from Prenatal care to childbirth to postnatal care and everything in between

Awaiting for your newborn is always an exciting stage of any parents life. When you embark on this new journey, a determining factor is the hospital and doctors that will be there to bring your child into the world and of course, the services they will provide for the mother. On a global scale, the level of medical care provided in Canada or the U.S.A is unparallel to any other nation. Today, baby-tourism is a popular and legal way of ensuring your child receives the safest birth and a life full of opportunities.

Expecting mothers have a large number of factors to take into account regarding childing; everything from the quality of the medical service to the cost of treatment, or hospital ratings. Often times, birthright citizenship for the child is a deciding factor for many parents who want to provide a better quality of life for their newborn. Specifically for this reason, many parents opt-in for a life-long investment full of priceless benefits and choose birth in Canada.

«Canada Mama Consulting» offers you intricate services revolving around your baby’s birth in Canada, organizing every step of the way from A to Z. We are an established company with exceptional expertise in the baby-tourism industry. For you, it is the possibility to give birth in a leading hospital with the support of renowned doctors and advanced medical technology in a world-class nation. Even if you are a non-resident, giving birth in Canada opens up great prospects for your baby when acquiring citizenship including:

  • free education;
  • free healthcare for citizens living in Canada;
  • employment in top enterprises;
  • travel without borders

For us it is importat to eliminate all the fuss that distract parents from the most important thing in this world, your child. Our goal is to do everything; from document preparation to medicalcare, to rehabilitatio so that you and your baby will feel at home and at ease. Our task is to save you from the fuss associated with documents, visas, housing, transport and to provide you with only the highest quality stay in Canada.

Our mission is to save you from the fuss associated with documents, visas, housing, transport and provide you with the highest quality.

Childbirth in Canada is the right decision for you and your baby.

Why choose birth in Canada with us?

Our advantage

We work with Canadian hospitals

We officially cooperate with Canadian hospitals and are recommended as a company for full childbirth support.

We work officially and by agreement

You can be sure that the paperwork for the baby and parents will be on time. All services are agreed upon prior to departure for Canada.

24/7 support and protection

We provide round-the-clock support and do everything so that you feel comfortable and supported during your visit in Canada, starting before you even arrive.

The most favorable and constant price

We never add unexpected changes or charges to the contact. We value honesty and integrity, which guarantees that you will not find such a level of service and professionalism anywhere else.

Support in paperwork

You will learn all the details on the correct method of filling out of documents, registration of citizenship for a child, and get a detailed excursion according to Canadian laws.

Great experience in baby tourism

For more than 5 years, we have carried out dozens of successful births. You can read about the high level of our services in our customer review section. The hospitals that we work with our partners in Canada.

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Compare Birth Package in Canada

Find out the services and cost of each package and compare them to choose the best option for your family.

Economy package


The minimum set of services necessary for you

Package Details Consultation

Optimal package


The best combination of cost and quality of services

Package Details Consultation

Comfort package


For those who value comfort, quality and concierge service

Package Details Consultation

Operating procedure

How we interact with the client

Application by phone
Apply on the website or by phone
Working with a manager
Our manager clarifies all the details and prepares you for your arrival
Pick up from the airport
We meet after the flight and help you get settled in
Doctor visits and childbirth
We accompany during visits to the doctor before and after childbirth
Registration of the second citizenship
We provide citizenship support for the baby
Transfer and accommodation
We organize comfortable accommodation to the airport
Excursions in Canada
Touring local attractions
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