Newborn tests and immunization calendar

What tests are performed on newborns?

The newborn screening program in Canada consists of important tests such as:

  • Heel test. Thanks to this test, babies are checked for genetic diseases, as well as for immunodeficiency, metabolic disorders and hemoglobin levels. The results usually come 2-4 weeks after delivery and only in case of any abnormalities you will be called back and told everything in detail.
  • A pulse oximetry test is a check of the blood for oxygen saturation and cardiac abnormalities.
    A sensor is placed on the child's right arm or leg to measure the oxygen level in the blood. The test is completely painless and quick.
  • Hearing test. Sensors are placed on the head of a sleeping baby to measure auditory responses. The test is very quick.
    A newborn screening program helps detect abnormalities at the earliest stages, which is critical for successful treatment.

Vaccination calendar

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