Medical Care in Canada

Medicine in Canada

Today, the concept of medical tourism is widely known and every year it becomes more and more popular. The brilliant service, the professional staff, highly effective medical treatment, and advanced technological equipment makes the treatment in Canada very attractive for visitors and residents of this state.

Canadians are among the world leaders in medical therapy and are internationally recognized for their innovations in the medical field. Currently, 14 Canadian scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their internationally renowned achievements. It is quite obvious why many visitors seeking high-quality medical care turn to Canada as their top choice. Regardless of the type of medical care you require, the result will be equally successful, leaving you healthier and happier than ever before.

«Canada Mama Consulting» is your guide to the world of effective, state-of-the-art medicine. We are ready to take on the full organizational role so that you can entrust your health to the reliable hands of true medical professionals.

The Type of Treatments

A room in a hospital in Canada

General examination

The general examination involves a complete diagnosis of your body to determine if there is a disposition of any disease or illness. This will allow you to understand your body as accurately as possible to take preventative measures and ensure a long healthy life. Our local clinics have developed special examination programs which take into account your sex, age, and individual characteristics to provide you with the most accurate examination of your health.


Our local physicians are known for their long-standing practice of heart, lung, liver, small intestine, pancreas, and kidney transplants. The level of transplant surgery in Canada is so common that almost every hospital is equipped with the necessary tools and personnel to conduct a successful transplant operation.


Fighting cancer is much easier with a professional by your side with a proven track record of successful patients. In Canada, you will find many specialists who can treat cancer even in the final stages.

The most effective methods:

  • Gamma Knife removes malignant tumours of the brain. It focuses radiation on the tumor, which leads to reduction and disappearance. The device resembles an ordinary helmet and can be used in any convenient place with comfort for the client.
  • Proton therapy. It eliminates cancerous cells without any negative effects on surrounding healthy tissue.
  • CyberKnifefe - removal of tumours through radiosurgery.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Nano-knife. An innovative radical technique using electric current. Advantage - no side effects or risks.

You should always consult with your doctor before choosing a particular option. Experienced oncologists will suggest the best solution based on the individual characteristics of each individual being examined.

Heart surgery

Canadian cardiologists are well known and for their high success rates and effective procedures. In Canada, the surgeons operate with minimal surgical intervention, which drastically reduces the rehabilitation period.


A huge number of people put up with life-intervening illnesses such as "Parkinson's disease", cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Canadian doctors treat even the severest forms offorms overwhelmingly, they are considered incurable, but not here. Canadian doctors treat even the severe forms of these ailments.


Spinal pathologies and sports injuries are not untreatable for our orthopaedics. They know how to work wonders. Due to their first-class endo- and biochemical prostheses, people with disabilities can regain back their life.

Plastic surgery

Canada has gathered exemplary craftsmen who focus their experience, knowledge and skills to highlight your beauty and eliminate imperfections. Their aesthetic and reconstructive procedures are always carried out in a caring and respectful manner. They return self-confidence to patients and allow them to start living the way they always envisioned.

Second Opinion

If you have any doubts about a previous diagnosis, you can always double-check it. The doctor will make recommendations based on your references and the information provided, which will greatly increase the likelihood of a speedy recovery.


Patient care

The accurate and timely diagnosis makes it possible to determine the most effective course of treatment. Canadian medical centres offer you a comprehensive range of services, starting with high-precision diagnostics and ending with a smooth recovery. You will be pleasantly impressed with the attitude and skills of each employee, from neurosurgeons to nurses.


The cost of medical care in Canada

Overseas medical treatment is not a luxury all can afford, but in many cases, the cost fully justifies itself. Impressive financial inflows and public funding contribute to the improvement of medicine in Canada, maintaining its leading position in the world rankings.

The cost of services is determined based on the specifics of each case. Consultations, hospitalization, anesthesiologist, and specific examinations are usually paid for separately. Our company will provide you with assistance in all related areas. We will coordinate an action plan, provide information, support, help with transportation, document, and rental housing to save you time and money.

A positive environment, attentive staff, and qualified assistance are only a few of the benefits you will experience when choosing a treatment in Canada with Canada Mama Consulting.

At the request of the customer, additional services will be included in the contract:

  • An Accompanying Russian-speaking nurse;
  • Translation and notarization of documents;
  • More detailed information can be obtained by contacting our managers.
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