The difference between giving birth with our company and giving birth on your own in Canada. Saving time and resources with Canada Mama Consulting

The difference between giving birth with our company and on your own in Canada is huge and affects various aspects from organization to financial issues.

Organizational Aspects:
By contacting our company, the client receives full support and information at all stages. We facilitate the process of renting accommodation, arranging medical services, access to Canadian accountants and opening a Canadian account. With our help, the client saves not only time but also money, as prompt processing of documents avoids unnecessary delays and additional costs.

A selection of the best hospitals and doctors:
We work only with the best hospitals and doctors, guaranteeing a high level of medical care. Pre-arrangement of doctor's appointments and coordination of the schedule allows us to avoid unnecessary tests and time spent in the hospital. Our doctors are always ready to listen and answer the client's questions, and in case of planned cesarean section we reserve time in advance, which eliminates additional costs.

By working with us, clients avoid possible mistakes in the baby paperwork, which can lead to additional costs for redoing them. We take care of the full processing of all documents in the shortest possible time, saving time and avoiding unnecessary costs for rent and stay in Canada.

Saving additional costs:
Each additional night in the hospital can cost up to $6000, and the additional cost of a month's rent in Canada ranges from $3000 to $4000. Our team helps avoid these additional costs, so clients save significant amounts of money that could have been spent when organizing the birth on their own.

Immigration Planning:
After the birth of a baby, many of our clients consider Canada for further immigration. At this stage, we provide all the necessary information and support, including legal advice, accountants, driver's license information and other aspects, helping to make the immigration process comfortable and safe.

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