Top 10 cities with the highest standard of living

Top 10 cities with the highest standard of living

In May 2017. Deutsche Bank published its annual report Mapping the world's prices, cataloguing the cost of goods and services in a cross-section of the largest and most powerful cities around the world. The rankings are based on eight indices compiled by the Numbeo information database, which creates a broad picture of what it means to live in different cities.

These are the indices:

  1. Purchasing power
  2. Security
  3. Health Care
  4. Cost of living
  5. Real estate prices in relation to income
  6. The level of traffic on the roads
  7. Contamination level
  8. Climate

As a result, the rating includes 47 cities in the world.

Experts have named the cities with the highest standard of living in the world. Absolutely, Canada's capital, Ottawa, is in the top ten:

  1. Wellington, New Zealand. Officially the city with the highest quality of life in the world, according to Deutsche Bank, New Zealand's capital city has the least pollution among cities and is in the top ten in four other categories.
  2. Edinburgh, Scotland. The city also deserves special attention because it has the top ranking of cities with the least traffic on the roads, and the third highest level of congestion.
  3. Vienna, Austria. The Austrian capital is the best city in terms of health care, and is one of the six safest in the world.
  4. Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia with the best quality of life. Melbourne has the third highest purchasing power of any city on the list, and also ranks in the top ten for health care, property-income ratio, and climate.
  5. Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich was the leader in this ranking in the Purchasing Power Index, and second in the Safety and Pollution Indices.
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the fifth safest city on the list, and the eighth least polluted.
  7. Ottawa, Canada. The Canadian capital also has the best quality of life, ranking fourth in purchasing power, property-income ratio, and pollution levels.
  8. Boston, USA. Deutsche Bank ranks Boston as the U.S. city with the highest quality of life in 2017, and the city's citizens enjoy the second highest purchasing power in the world.
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is a city known for the number of cyclists on its streets. And perhaps not surprisingly, the Dutch capital has become the fourth best city in terms of traffic on the roads.
  10. Sydney, Australia. Sunny Sydney is also a very attractive city, rounding out the top ten with its indicators.

It is also good to know that Toronto, the most recognizable city in Canada, ranked 14th in this ranking. Its top individual ranking was in the Purchasing Power Index, where it was eighth.

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