What are the key steps and timelines before and after labor (when to fly in, how much paperwork is prepared, etc.)?

We always recommend that our clients arrive at 32-35 weeks of pregnancy. There are no problems getting through airports at these dates. However, if you have concerns, just take a note from your doctor about your condition. There have been cases of clients arriving at 37 weeks, but this comes with additional risks, which our doctors strongly discourage. Once the baby is born, we process Canadian paperwork within 3 weeks. For those clients who also need to obtain Russian or other CIS citizenship, it will take 4 to 6 weeks.

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This table will give you an overview of the key milestones and timelines before and after childbirth

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A MINIMUM of 2-6 months before coming to CanadaApply for a visaThe visa is being prepared for a long time, Depending on the country of application, 2 to 6 months from the date of biometrics submission, so it is critical to start the process as early as possible. 
We can help you with your visa application or you can do it yourself.
Do not delay this process, in 2023, 21% families were unable to travel to Canada for childbirth because they could not get a visa in time.
Choosing a hospital and reserving time with a doctor
The first thing you need to do after applying for a visa is to choose a hospital and a doctor to reserve time in their calendar. If you do it late (3 months or less before the birth), doctors usually have all their time booked and it will be overtime with extra pay (from 600$ to 900$). Also, not all doctors will be able to take another patient, so the choice of doctors will be reduced. 
Our recommendation is to choose a doctor no later than 4 months before delivery.
1.5 months before coming to Canada.Confirmation of rental accommodationSearching for housing in Canada, especially in the summer, is a challenge due to the lack of offers even for citizens and residents of the country. It takes a long time to get building permits and the number of immigrants is very high. Therefore, starting your home search 1.5 months before arrival becomes important to have choices and save money. The closer to the date of arrival, the higher the rental prices. Often people face problems when the landlord requires guarantors, 3 months deposits and credit history checks. To simplify this process, we work with experienced tenants who are familiar with our company, which allows us to get good benefits.
32 to 36 weeks gestation.Arrival in CanadaIn Canada, a doctor sees pregnant women every two weeks from week 18 to week 36. Most often, our clients delay their arrival to save money on accommodation and stay in Canada. If your doctor has authorized it and you feel well, it is possible. However, doctors in Canada do not recommend flying after 37 weeks of pregnancy.
32-36 weeks of pregnancyMeeting with a doctorThe doctor sees pregnant women every two weeks from 18 to 36 weeks (more often if necessary).
37 weeks pregnantTaking testsUltrasound at 37 weeksBlood test.
ChildbirthAt 37-38 weeks, the doctor discusses with the client a birth plan and a plan B option based on the test results. If labor induction and cesarean section is required, a time and date is determined. In the case of natural childbirth, clients can always contact the nurse at any time of the day or night, as well as us.
1 week postpartumPediatrician's examinationAt birth, the baby is given only vitamin K in the hospital. (To prevent vitamin K deficiency and the severe bleeding that can result). After discharge in 3-4 days, you should be sure to visit the pediatrician to check for jaundice or joint problems, allergies.
3 weeks postpartumA birth certificate from CanadaImmediately after the baby is born, a form is filled out with the baby's data. The lawyer then draws up the birth certificate, which is only possible after discharge from the hospital. The certificate is prepared within 3 weeks after discharge.
1 week after receiving the certificateCanadian passportOnce we receive the birth certificate, we check it thoroughly for errors before sending it off for Canadian passport processing. It takes only 2 working days if there are travel tickets. If the baby's father is not in Canada, he needs to notarize the package of documents in the country of residence. The Canadian passport also requires the signature of a guarantor who has known you for at least two years and lives in Canada.
1 week after receiving a Canadian passportLegalizationOnce we receive the birth certificate, we specify the countries of interest to the client. The apostille process takes about a week and the legalization process takes two to three weeks, depending on the country.
2 weeks after legalizationSecond passport (for parents from Russia and Ukraine)2-3 weeks
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