Immigration to Canada by study

Immigration to Canada by study

Canadian immigration policy allows the spouses and children of international students to study and work in Canada

Immigration to Canada through studies is not a separate program, but a sequence of actions and the most correct decision for the majority of our clients.

Getting into a Canadian university is no problem. Canadian colleges can be accepted without an IELTS certificate, and with minimal knowledge of English! And this is true. There are no restrictions on age or on the choice of program. But with obtaining a visa there may be questions and nuances. There can be many reasons for refusal, including not at all obvious.

Studying in Canada is one of the fastest, most relocation-tested paths, especially for young people who dream of living in Canada. Education in Canada is a significant asset for foreign nationals. Nevertheless, this immigration path requires proper preparation, patience and planning as it consists of several steps:

  • Study Permit visa issuance;
  • choice of university or college;
  • Training and a Canadian diploma (gives at least +15 points in Express Entry)
  • obtaining an open work permit;
  • Employment in a position suitable for immigration, to gain 1-2 years of experience
  • two years of living in Canada as a PR and applying for citizenship.

Student immigration can seem complicated and time-consuming. This is true. Nevertheless, this path is one of the safest, because during the process of getting a Canadian education you prepare yourself for the Canadian job market; you get work experience in Canada, which allows you to find better jobs in the future and makes you eligible for several immigration programs, and finally you adapt to life in Canada.

We cooperate with the most sought-after colleges in Canada. All you have to do is choose a city or province and book an appointment with us.

We help with the student visa process and guide you through every step of the way to citizenship in Canada.

During the pandemic, all training is online, and anyone who wants to come to our training program has to wait until after the quarantine.

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