To catch the last carriage

To catch the last carriage

This 2020 is full of surprises and adventures....

Let me tell you briefly about my birth in Canada.
I planned to give birth on my own. I did a lot of research before giving birth and chose Hospital Mount Sinai in Toronto through Canada mama consulting. This agency has been welcoming expectant mothers for many years and is one of the most popular agencies. Its services are used not only in Russia, but also in post-Soviet countries.

In advance of my arrival in Toronto, the agency and I signed a contract for services and agreed on the cost of their services.

The date of delivery was estimated by the doctors in Moscow. They were expecting a delivery in the second half of May this year, and the plan was to go to Canada in April. Because of the world pandemic, we had to buy tickets to Toronto via New York City on the night of March 15. We were faced with a difficult task, because on March 16, at 24 hours Canada was closing its borders to air travel from other countries.

We flew to Toronto without any delays and managed to cross the Canadian border 5 minutes before the border was closed for foreigners (Cinderella is resting))). We were the last "guests" from Russia before the border closed).

At the 32nd week of pregnancy after a phone conversation we met an employee of the agency Maria. And Maria told us about everything in detail, "brought us up to speed", how they deliver babies at Hospital Mount Sinai, how after the birth the documents are prepared for the baby, etc.

The company promptly made an appointment with the doctors and set a date for our appointment. This was the beginning of our cooperation with the agency and our human friendship with Maria to accompany the birth of my baby.

I had an excellent prenatal examination at the appointed time after the doctor's appointment. The nursing staff was generally very friendly and attentive. And so I was under the supervision of doctors until the birth. All my questions that I had during pregnancy were answered promptly and I felt their support and help, which helped me a lot psychologically.

On May 2, the hour of the baby's appearance came ... the waters broke ... contractions appeared and everything was at the prompting of nature ...
The birth went well without any outside interference (thank God!!!).

They don't keep you here long after you give birth either. You can go home the next day. But more often on 2 or 3, if everything is all right. You give birth in a separate room. They bring you food and water. After delivery, you and your baby go to the room. The presence of a husband or any other person of your choice is welcome. If the baby is fed artificially, the nurses can feed him or her themselves, just taking him or her at certain times to feed and change a diaper, and give the mother a rest. And that way the baby is with you all the time. Speaking of language. It's allowed to bring someone with you who can help you if you don't speak the language well.

A month after the birth thanks to the agency all the necessary documents were drawn up. After receiving the documents for the baby, we were overwhelmed with the feeling of joy of coming home and meeting the baby and his father.

And then there were new adventures waiting for us, too....
...the question arose of returning home to Moscow, all borders closed. On the advice of the family it was decided to buy a ticket for a connecting flight Toronto-Amsterdam-Minsk. We got to Minsk without incident, i.e. our baby made the flight "across the seas and oceans" without moods and tears. This is my mom's big kiss)).

Our trip was a cab ride from Minsk to Moscow. The cab driver drove us home.

At the end of "my story" I want to express my gratitude to the agency Canada mama consulting, the staff of the company for their responsiveness, efficiency, and respectful responsiveness to their clients. We will always remember our trip...

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