How do I go to Canada in 2022?

How do I go to Canada in 2022?

How do I go to Canada in 2022? Probably one of the most frequently asked questions

Today there are 14 main ways to move to Canada:

  1. Gain a passing grade in Express Entry
  2. Immigrate to Canada through study/education
  3. To go to Canada as a qualified professional
  4. Immigrate to Canada by working as a nanny or caregiver
  5. Invest in the country
  6. Marry a Canadian
  7. Business immigration
  8. To remain a refugee
  9. Pilot Atlantic Program to Canada
  10. Five-Year Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
  11. BC Tech Pilot for IT people
  12. Immigration by International Experience Canada
  13. Provincial immigration programs
  14. Activists defending human rights and being persecuted

As a result, if you are planning to move to Canada soon, 2022-2023 will be one of the most favorable years for this goal. If you are interested in one of the programs, write to us and we will tell you more about each of them.

Let this be the first step towards your dream!

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