Passport photo for a newborn baby

Taking an infant's passport photo is not easy. It is difficult to make a child look into the camera and have a neutral facial expression. Of course it is always better to ask a specialist, but if the child is capricious and there is no such an opportunity, we offer a way out:

  • Put a blanket on the hard floor, a white sheet on it, and lay the child on it in a room with bright light.
  • Dress your child in dark clothing so that the clothing contrasts with the sheet.
  • Try to attract the child's attention with a toy (keep the toy close to the camera).
  • Try to direct the child's gaze to the camera.
    Of course, you will have to take many shots until you get one where the baby's eyes are open and visible. Don't forget that the ears should be visible, too.
    If the baby is crying, it is better to postpone the photo until he calms down, because the baby's mouth should be closed.
    If you think it is more comfortable to hold your baby in your arms, make sure that the photo shows only the baby without other objects or people. Regardless of the child's age, no waist-length photos are allowed. The picture should show only the head, neck, and upper part of the object's shoulders.
  • To get an urgent passport you need to provide tickets (just for the baby), not the parents
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