How much do childbirth and support services cost?

Every day we receive many inquiries about the cost of childbirth in Canada. The price depends primarily on the package you choose.

What are the main differences, you may ask? If the Economy package assumes that you are fluent in English and can navigate the city without an interpreter, but you still need our help in organizing your childbirth in Canada.

Then the "Optimal" and "Comfort" packages give you the opportunity to pass all your worries on to us:

  1. Registration of Canadian citizenship, second citizenship;
  2. Organization of transfer from the airport;
  3. Accommodation selection and car rental;
  4. Accompaniment to all OB/GYN appointments;
  5. Private delivery room;
  6. Delivery in the presence of a medical interpreter;
  7. Epidural and spinal anesthesia (as requested);
  8. Pediatrician Services;
  9. Round-the-clock support 24/7 for all questions.

We have the ability to put together a customized package on the items you choose.

If you have international medical insurance, the cost of our packages will be lower by -55%

Childbirth with Canada Mama Consulting is the best for you and your baby! We have the ability to create a customized package based on your preferences. You can eliminate any unnecessary items from the chosen package, and we will calculate the cost of a customized package according to your needs.

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