Comfort" service package

Canada-mama's "Comfort" package includes the full range of services you need to give birth in Canada. It is a maximum set of services that aims to provide you with the most comfortable conditions at all stages (including the flight, preparation for the birth, medical care, as well as rehabilitation and treatment).

The difference from the standard package, "Comfort" is a client support with an interpreter during visits to the clinic, the help of specialists in the choice of things for the newborn, the delivery of purchases, medicines and products to the destination, a full concierge service.

What services are included in the package?

The medicine

The medicine

  • Delivery in a VIP room with a medical interpreter (from the moment of admission to the hospital and 2 hours after delivery)
  • Driver for an emergency trip to the hospital for childbirth (any time of the day)
  • Anesthesia (epidural for natural birth and spinal for cesarean section)


  • Preparation of all necessary documents and obtaining a visa to Canada
  • Registration of the Canadian certificate and passport for the child. Help with paperwork in the current country of residence of parents
Consulting support

Consulting support

  • Advice and preparation for your arrival in Canada
  • Assistance in choosing a doctor and hospital (doctor's fee and overnight stay in the hospital)
  • Personal assistance during shopping for your newborn
Organizational issues

Organizational issues

  • Selection of housing for rent by a licensed realtor, assistance in signing a contract and settlement
  • Airport Transfer Organization
  • Assistance in choosing a car for rent and paperwork
  • Registration for a pediatrician
  • Providing a personal interpreting assistant for personal purposes
  • 50 hours of your personal interpreting assistant's time
  • Selection of a company for domestic staff (on request)
  • Transfer and escort to pre-registration and hospital tour
  • Transfers and interpreter accompaniment for all obstetrician-gynecologist visits (in case the doctor speaks English)
  • Purchase and delivery of food, medicine, children's items to your apartment
  • Full concierge service: shopping advice for the whole family, organizing trips to Canada, booking and buying tickets for excursions, etc.
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